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Enterprise IT Support

We offer tailored support packages to local, national, and international enterprise clients, supplying scalable and cost-effective tiered support and escalation points to partner with in-house IT teams, CTOs and Network Administrators. We can provide 24/7 systems monitoring and alerting, out-of-hours coverage, regular site visits, backup & security services, project work, professional consultation and more.

  • Cloud replication

    We offer bespoke packages for your business, ensuring you get all the support you require whilst being cost-effective.

  • Tiered Support Option

    Our team are very skilled and certified, and issues are escalated to different engineers depending on the requirement.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & OOH

    Know your system is in the best hands with our 24/7 monitoring and Out Of Hours service.


Why work with us?

With our global presence, we offer tailor-made support packages to local, national and international companies ensuring you get the best IT support from a world-class team.

We work with many well-known companies around the globe and are very reputable.

We are proud of our team and the first-class service we provide to our clients. We understand that every business is unique and requires a bespoke IT support plan that supports business needs, whether to completely manage the entire IT system or provide support to internal IT departments. We do it all.

IT support engineers working on servers
Tailored To You

Our Approach

  • Bespoke IT Support

    Our enterprise support packages are bespoke; tailored to the individual client as standards are a dedicated support email address and improved internal KPIs. The rest of the package is unique to match the client’s requirements. Our additional options can include tiered support such as Level 3 only, regular site visits, 24/7 coverage, improved internal KPIs and more. 24/7 monitoring of servers and desktops is standard, if required, allowing for custom Microsoft Patching, automated alerting of certain problems, and even self-healing.

    Our engineers are well versed in the requirements of enterprise clients. Amongst our enterprise clients, we support the UK’s leading glass repair and replacement company and a globally recognised international hair-care brand. We’ve also undertaken extensive projects for a Fortune 500 company in the property investment and development space and the world’s largest plant-based consumer packaged goods company.

  • Service Options

    We can build a bespoke collection of additional services to complement a client’s existing estate. Our cyber-threat protection and security services can provide a comprehensive set of tools to protect and mitigate against cyber-threats, including ransomware, email spoofing, phishing and other attack vectors. Our automated breach watch service monitors a company’s email domains to alert about compromised accounts, which includes selective monitoring of VIP personal email addresses, further securing against spoof emails and direct attacks. Employee spoof and phishing awareness testing campaigns and training are all included. Social engineering to obtain re-used passwords is still a major problem, so we can also include a comprehensive enterprise-grade password management solution.

    Our tailored backup solutions can cover cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite, as well as extensive disaster recovery and business continuity for virtual machines, both in client data centres and in Azure and AWS.

  • IT Consultation

    We establish ongoing relationships with our clients so that we fully understand their business and goals. We often have more exposure to current systems and trends than internal IT teams and can help to inform them of the strategic direction IT can take within the company.

    When our clients want to undertake specific improvement programs internally, we can offer the services of our network architects, systems designers, and engineers to work with them before and during the project. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to offer advice and guidance that helps avoid problems and pitfalls along the way and leverage the most benefit from the project. Our Remote Hands ability allows our engineers to work alongside a client’s own in remote offices and other sites.

  • Bespoke IT Projects

    Many large businesses run lean IT teams supporting day-to-day business as usual (BAU) operations and rely on external partners to plan and deliver larger step-change projects. With the relationships we build with our clients, we are ideally placed to understand the project’s requirements better, work efficiently with the internal teams, and successfully deliver the desired outcome. We can undertake any project required, be that large, small or even working with other 3rd party vendors such as project management firms, communications specialists, and global network integrators.

    Clients can offload regular tasks for Geostream to manage. These can be policy-based actions such as patch management and backup monitoring or non-BAU functions such as rolling replacement programs, annual licence audits, Cyber Essentials compliance, device firmware updates, security checks and more.

The team at Geostream have provided IT support to us for several years. Their expertise in tailoring a first-class upgrade means our business has a solid IT platform today and for some years to come.
D Rickersey