Managed Services

Holistic Security


Managed IT Security

With our holistic security approach, we endeavor to protect your entire infrastructure, providing flexible options to suit your requirements with standalone and bundled services. This allows us to tailor your security specifically to your business with cost-effective options removing the burden of managing it but providing the protection you need in today’s world.

  • Antivirus Management

    Complete Antivirus management for all computers and servers with a low resource footprint. Our solution also protects Microsoft 365, keeping your data in the cloud safe and secure.

  • Ransomware Protection

    Our solutions ensure you have the best layers of protection, and we believe in proactive protection. Every device with our antivirus agent installed has Ransomware protection enabled by default.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Your credentials may be available on the Dark Web without even knowing. We proactively monitor every account associated with your domain and will be alerted if any potential breaches have occurred.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Backup is one thing, and Disaster Recovery is another. Both come hand in hand with our solutions no matter if you’re backing up your servers, Microsoft 365 or any other form of data storage.

  • Phishing Education

    Regular fake phishing campaigns are performed based on email addresses associated with your domain. Keep track of which users are more likely to click an actual phishing email, and we will work with you and offer training.

  • Secure by Default

    Security is more important than ever, and we make sure everything we do is secure by default. Whether that is enabling Multifactor Authentication or disabling unused ports, we go the extra mile.


Why is security so important?

Many businesses have fallen prey to malware attacks, including ransomware. When these attacks happen, your business comes to a grinding halt, and the financial consequences could be devastating. For every second your business stops, you are losing money.

We provide the best solutions and follow best security practices ensuring you are as protected as you can be. Our bundles dramatically reduce the risk of these attacks happening, both now and in the future. We constantly review the products we use from a security and value point of view, always offering the best solutions and keeping ahead of the game.

Staff using Office 365 for work

Next level security

  • Employee Protect

    Employee Protect focuses on your staff and the endpoints they use to connect to your network. Standard Antivirus and malware protection goes hand in hand with email and spam protection, giving your customers and contacts confidence in your electronic communications.

    Our experience in Cyber Security has led us to conclude that no single product covers enough aspects alone. We work with industry leaders and have compiled an endpoint security suite containing the best tools for the job. Geostream Employee Protect packages follow our holistic security approach covering all significant forms of attack and malware. Our bundled approach reduces costs which protects your bottom line because your business’ success protects your employees too.

  • Employee Protect Plus+

    Employee Protect Plus adds account breach monitoring, allowing you to see if employees’ details have been compromised and are being offered for sale on the Dark Web. We help get situations under control before they become a problem.

    This service not only provides automated alerts on discovery but also offers targeted Phishing testing programs to teach users how to spot the fakes and prevent details from getting leaked in the first place. Special VIP service will also monitor a select number of key employees’ personal email addresses, adding further peace of mind and protection for your organization.

  • Server Protect

    Server Protect is designed to protect your servers, whether physical or virtual. Newer software can be demanding on server resources. Still, regardless of which supported Microsoft Server Operating System, you are using, the tools we use to run with a low resource footprint. This means they operate effectively and efficiently when active, limiting the impact on our server but providing the protection required in the modern world.

    By applying our holistic security philosophy to all servers, our offerings will help protect your data against a threat. Still, if the worst does happen, the backups this suite provides will enable us to get you back up and running, and it can scale accordingly as your business grows.

  • Network Protect

    Network Protect protects all internal and external connections within your organisation. Modern connectivity demands expose business devices to more risks than ever, from BYOD (bring your device), working from home to guest Wi-Fi services, and a perimeter defence is no longer sufficient.

    Our secure infrastructure architecture will help protect your network, so a compromised system has limited scope to cause harm. This method can be applied to existing systems or incorporated into new/upgrade installations.

The guys at Geostream are always really helpful. After our recent network upgrade we were very impressed with the service. Would definitely recommend.
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