IT Support

Our bread and butter – we at Geostream Solutions want to help empower you and your business. Working together, we can collaborate with you and your team to create more productivity and efficiencies throughout your entire company, not just IT.

Support for IT Managers

Geostream Solutions provides a range of IT support plans to enable businesses to outsource some or all responsibility for their IT support

Need Support?

Our IT Support service delivers first class support to all of our customers, enabling you to focus on your core business without worrying about any technical issues.

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Secure Disaster Recovery

There are many unexpected things that can cripple a business – fire or flood, cybercrime, technology failure and so on. What makes the difference is how prepared you are for a critical event, and how quickly you are able to get your business back to a functional state. Which is why a reliable cloud backup solution and fully tested disaster recovery plan are essential today.

Office 365 Backup

Businesses shouldn’t solely rely on Office 365 to protect against data loss because even cloud providers can lose data. It helps to have additional insurance.

High Availability

High availability is the ability of a system to be continuously operational for a long length of time. Geostream recognises the new challenges companies across the globe have that must operate 24/7.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We recognise the importance of backup and disaster recovery to any business, that’s why we are passionate on deploying a solution that is tailored to your business which is designed to keep your business moving forward and minimize downtime in any event!

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Office 365

Successfully transitioning to Office 365 is all about change management. With our team’s vast experience, we know what to do to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. More importantly, we know what not to do!

Moving to the Cloud

“But moving to the cloud is expensive, right?”.

Discuss with Geostream about moving to the cloud and realise how much you could save whilst making your business more efficient!


A Hybrid environment allows you to maintain a centralised approach whilst also reaping the benefits of the cloud such as scalability, performance and generally a reduced price.

Ready to move to the Cloud?

With cloud services you only use what resource you need and only pay for what you use. It’s that simple!

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Business Internet

Geostream has close relationships with leading UK internet providers, and with our expertise, no one else is better placed to deliver the best-suited solution tailored for your business needs.

Network Solutions

Whether you need a new Wi-Fi solution or a complete network refresh, Geostream has the experience and expertise to deliver the best and most appropriate solution for you business.

Phone Systems

It has never been easier to use a phone system thanks to hosted VoIP solutions – offering the same functionalities as traditional phone systems but with greater flexibility at lower costs. We guarantee you our recommended solution will go beyond your requirements.

Connectivity is key

Do you need faster connectivity or business-grade phone systems? Get in contact today!

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