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IT Infrastructure

A significant part of IT systems comes in infrastructure replacement by updating, upgrading, and consolidating your infrastructure to achieve the best possible return on investment.

Our Infrastructure services consider how both cloud and on-premises solutions can work for you, providing design, implementation, and actual savings to your operational costs.

  • Architecture

    We work with you and 3rd party suppliers to design a solution that meets your business needs and takes your IT infrastructure to the next level.

  • Detailed Understanding

    We understand every business is different and has different requirements. We ensure that new solutions work for you and benefit your business by understanding your business.

  • Cost Awareness

    We understand the importance of finance and will provide multiple options for you with a clear understanding of each solution’s benefits and a clear breakdown of costs.


Why is replacing infrastructure important?

A significant part of our business is replacing, upgrading and refining your infrastructure to achieve the best results and return on investment.

It is inevitable that all hardware becomes the end of life at some point, and making sure replacements have taken place before failure is crucial.

We offer many options for infrastructure replacement, from a simple computer replacement via our roll and replacement program all the way through to an entire network refresh.

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  • Architecture Team

    Old hardware service core systems are an all-too-common reality. Smaller businesses struggle to justify IT costs and often replace only what they need, which delivers a mixed architecture, whilst larger enterprises have more moving parts to consider and legacy applications that may not be supported on newer platforms.

    We take a pragmatic approach to your systems, looking at what your existing hardware is doing, engaging with 3rd party software suppliers, and understanding what the expectations are on your IT systems response capabilities. Then we can work with you on solutions that meet your needs.

    Whether the solution is upgrading on-premises hardware, migrating to cloud services and Azure hosted server, or a hybrid deployment, we will ensure that the new solution works as you expect it to. Our typical security of Windows Server running Core. Separating key roles helps reduce risk and service interruptions and allows easier-to-manage maintenance plans to keep your systems running securely.

  • Your Business

    Systems refreshes come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are looking at updating your network switching and routing devices, repurposing an existing file server, and moving to network-attached storage devices, or decommissioning physical DCs and moving to an Azure Active Directory solution. Whatever you want to do will mean some change for your user base, and we aim to keep this as simple and seamless as possible.

    With networking changes, we use a ‘secure by default’ ethos, keeping traffic from different sources separate and protected by internal firewall rules and your layer three devices.

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