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What is Network Architecture?

We understand that every business is unique with different requirements, so we provide a complete bespoke enterprise network architecture service. Our experienced team will discuss your requirements thoroughly, considering the end goal and future expansion whilst being mindful of areas that may not have been considered. We will explore options and explain the limitations and benefits of different solutions to ensure you get the correct result for your business.

  • Consultation Period

    Dedicated time is spent with you discussing options with the knowledge of your end goal.

  • Extensive Discovery

    Understanding how your network is set up is critical. We make sure everything is discovered and understand its function.

  • Detailed Reports

    We provide you with detailed reports on your current set up, so you know how your network works and how to make it more secure.


How can Geostream help?

Having a stable and reliable computer network is crucial for any business.

We work with hundreds of businesses to make sure they have a rock-solid foundation for their network. By doing so, the networks have maximum speed and reliability.

If your network is not correctly looked after nor proactively monitored, you may experience critical issues or even downtime.

IT engineer installing a switch
Security first

Secure By Default

  • Discovery

    A productive discovery phase is crucial to understand the requirements set by the client fully.  We’ll listen to the client, understand their goals and reasons, and then discuss the potential options.  It’s essential to agree on a set of targets for the deployment as this will determine the scope and direction of the project and ensure we meet the expectations set.

    Some network deployments may connect local sites to a new regional or global network.  The discovery phase needs a detailed investigation and review of all existing site networks and services and how they interact.  This needs to be compared with the policies and requirements of the new network and re-architecture to ensure compliance.  This may be a fundamental and extensive change to the site network with a cutover phase during a planned outage.  It is crucial to ensure everything is correct to avoid undue disruption.

  • Security

    We go to great lengths to ensure any network that we design has security as a primary focus.  Oft overlooked, with a misplaced reliance on perimeter defences and software protection, a weakness of the physical network can allow threats to bypass these traditional measures.  An unsecured network can provide direct access to sensitive data, allow the delivery of a dangerous payload, or permit data monitoring, leading to targeted and effective spoofing attacks.  We also consider dirty devices, which can be exposed to weak external networks such as hotels, airports, and internet cafés.

    We implement designs beyond the physical and logical layers to allow a functioning network and include relevant services that work with robust network security.  We give clients the peace of mind that they’ll be productive and well-protected.

  • Local & Wide

    Modern networks have outgrown the idea of local silos, each with its own infrastructure and services, distinct from other sites even if there’s a VPN link between two or more such silos.  With centralised services, cloud hosting, global networks with interlinked offices and sites, we’re now working with agile solutions and deployments that leverage the best that a hybrid or full cloud environment can offer.

    We can offer improved collaboration, cost savings through extensive centralisation, better visibility and a wide area network that is truly location agnostic – work from anywhere as if you were in the office.  We can build this from scratch or plan a staged transition over many months.

  • Data Centers

    Larger businesses and enterprise clients will make use of regional data centers to host services, network infrastructure nodes, backup repositories, disaster recovery and more. With our expertise working with data centers, redundancy, multi-site connectivity and SD-WAN solutions, we can integrate one or more data centers into a client’s network seamlessly and robustly. We’ll plan the routing to avoid bottlenecks and enable failover circuits to get maximum benefit with minimum downtime. We’ll work directly with the data centers, offering remote hands to undertake upgrades and maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of hosted systems.

A professional and friendly service, thank you. Really listened to my problem.
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