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We understand that modern enterprise IT teams can be lean, offering the best efficiency for business as usual (BAU) and day-to-day operations.  But this means that essential projects might not be fully resourced, impacting either scope, duration or both.  Our professional consultation team consists of our most senior systems architects & engineers, providing you with the best resource for your requirements, and acting as an extension to your team to ensure your goals are met.

  • 3rd Party Engagement

    We work with anyone and will even go above and beyond to speak to third-party companies on your behalf.

  • Project Management

    Our consultations evolve into projects and will be project managed, where you will receive regular updates.

  • Extensive Experience

    Our experienced team has provided professional consultations to many companies over the years and ensures everything is captured.


Professional IT Consultation with Geostream

Today’s businesses demand computer networks that function as part if not the entire business. From government regulations to industry compliance, data privacy and remote user access, modern IT puts lots of pressure on businesses.

By partnering with us, we can help you maintain seamless IT processes and work with you to become more efficient and ‘secure by default’.

We work with you to consider your IT systems carefully, ensuring you get the right solutions to complete your business.

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  • Bespoke Projects

    Many large businesses and enterprises run lean IT teams supporting day-to-day business as usual (BAU) operations and rely on external partners to plan and deliver larger step-change projects. With the relationships we build with our clients, we are ideally placed to understand the project’s requirements better, work efficiently with the internal teams, and successfully deliver the desired outcome. We can undertake any project required, be that large, small or even working with other 3rd party vendors such as project management firms, communications specialists, and global network integrators.

    Clients can offload regular tasks for Geostream to manage. These can be policy-based actions such as patch management and backup monitoring or non-BAU functions such as rolling replacement programs, annual licence audits, Cyber Essentials compliance, device firmware updates, security checks and more.

  • Embedded Resource

    A lack of internal resources can artificially limit a project’s scope, duration and effectiveness.  We can offer dedicated engineering time, working within your team as an additional resource.  This can be on-site or remote, ad-hoc, fixed duration or ongoing.  We can undertake specific tasks or work as part of your larger team, and the assigned engineer will always have the whole of Geostream behind them for additional support, advice, and guidance, should it be required.

  • IT Advice & Guidance

    Reviewing IT infrastructure and systems can be a daunting task.  Without the knowledge, resource, and experience of using many different systems and implementing modern infrastructure, it can be tempting to stick with what is known or not fully to benefit from a refresh or change.

    Geostream has extensive knowledge and experience of many different systems and infrastructures, which internal IT Teams will unlikely have.  Based on our experiences deploying to enterprise clients, we can offer the best advice and guidance to help our clients make informed choices and ensure they make the most of the future.

  • 3rd Parties

    When working with large 3rd parties, such as global communications providers, project managers, data centers teams or software providers, businesses often find they’re asked to provide more IT resources and information than expected and cannot meet this requirement. This could be a requirement to provide on-site IT resources for implementation changes, information such as firewall & other rules, or network ranges and VLANs.

    Geostream has a long history of working with large, international service providers, and we know these requirements and understand that not all businesses can meet these demands. We work with our clients on their behalf to ensure communication channels are open, requests for information and changes are met, and the scope of change is fulfilled. We operate with initiative and will fill the inevitable responsibility gaps in these situations.

We migrated to Office365. Downtime was very close to none at all! Chris & Bailey ensured this project ran smoothly. They were very easy to deal with. Our staff found them very responsive and very professional. Overall what could have been a very difficult and complex migration was completed successfully with no issues. Highly recommend.
S Bower