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We have the facilities to deploy anywhere in the world to offer experienced Remote Hands where needed. Our engineers have a broad knowledge and skill set, meaning they can work independently and think on their feet. We’ve previously worked with a global hair care brand communicating with their global offices, distribution hubs and factories, various professional offices across Europe, and a Smart Hands approach with food producers in their factories worldwide.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    We are capable of supporting any business anywhere in the world, no matter where they are with an internet connection.

  • Any Environment

    We support many businesses in different environments and have the experience to adapt to support any business.

  • Experienced Engineers

    Our engineers are vastly experienced and out-the-box thinkers who can handle any situation and overcome any issue.


How can Geostream Remote IT Support help you?

We have experience in managing IT environments around the globe.

We understand choosing the right team is essential, and our focus is building a relationship with you. Our reliable team complements this by keeping communication a priority when tasks are delegated to them

We have a wide range of services to meet your business’s requirements, and we have the skills and experience to take on any type of IT work.

Woman doing IT support
Access From Anywhere

Complete Remote IT Support

  • Experienced

    We have many years of experience working as Remote Hands, undertaking various roles. No deployment is ever the same, and we will undertake any IT requirement in any environment.

    We build constructive relationships with our clients. During a recent remote-only project for a global hair-care brand, the client became aware that their local IT knowledge wasn’t sufficient to cope with the changing situation. Because of our professional and flexible approach during the project, the client felt confident in asking us to visit various sites and fill the knowledge gaps. This included installing and setting HP-UK server, upgrading servers with additional hardware, and installing new hypervisors and SANs.

  • Flexible

    We have a range of experienced engineers available to deploy where required, from someone with a laptop to initiate a remote connection to experienced and knowledgeable senior engineers who can work independently and with initiative. We take pride in the broad skill set all our individuals to have, meaning they can successfully work on a range of products, services, and devices. This offers our clients the flexibility to adjust the requirements in a changing situation. Our team are professionals and always has the client’s best interest in mind.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service I received from Geostream, a friendly, helpful service. I would 100% recommend
J Richardson