Backup & Disaster Recovery

Why do I need a backup solutions?

We understand how important Backup and Disaster Recovery is and we believe traditional backup technology no longer meets businesses’ ever evolving demands. Daily backups should be a thing of the past and a backup should be taken hourly. Our solution is cost-effective and provides two concurrent backups at all times which is key for any business.

What’s Included?

Hourly Backups

Hourly backups are taken each day, reducing the risk of potential data loss.

Cloud Replication

Local backups are replicated to the Cloud, offering a full disaster recovery solution


Focus on your core business without worrying about IT

Reduced Costs

Cost-effective solution that protects and secures your business in any event

Speedy Recovery

Spin up servers in the cloud within minutes, reducing business downtime to an all-time low - Windows licence dependant


Both local and cloud backups are encrypted, offering the best security for your data

Total Support

Access to our expert IT Support team, who will monitor and manage your hourly backups


Have the option to scale up or down to manage budgets or company growth


75% of SMBs operate without a disaster recovery plan

– Datto

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