Proactive Protection

Going Above & Beyond...

At Geostream, we firmly believe that proactive maintenance and robust protection will prevent most problems that employees and businesses encounter.  The best business continuity is when the systems do not fail, so we will always ensure your core services, servers, computers, and network devices are up to date, helping to protect against known vulnerabilities.  To ensure that we provide the best possible prevention, we go one step further with our extended offerings and take a holistic approach, covering your people, servers, and network.  We help protect your digital world.

Geostream Benefits

  • Peace of mind of your IT systems
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Reduce and fully control your IT costs
  • Focus on growing your core business, not managing your IT
  • Gain access to our first-class IT support
  • Experience minimised downtime
  • Relax knowing your IT is being monitored 24/7

Our Protection Packages


Our employee protection uses best-of-breed tools to go beyond normal Anti-Virus protection. This approach helps protect your team – wherever they are working – against almost all modern cyber-attacks and data loss events such as viruses, malware, ransomware, data loss, accidental deletion, corruption and spoof, phishing & social engineering attacks via email.


Whether in the cloud or on-premise, physical or virtual, your servers need protection. Not only can we help protect them against malware, viruses & ransomware, but we also provide best practice backup services. Nearline and deep local backups enable rapid restoration of new or old data. Cloud based disaster recovery backups ensure peace of mind should the worst happen to your on-site datacentre. Further business continuity options allow reduced return to operation delays for key staff and services.


Modern devices, working from home, BYOD policies and recent cyber-attack methods mean perimeter defence is no longer the best protection for your internal network. At infrastructure refresh time, we can ensure your new network uses the latest best practices to protect against attacks from without and from within.

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”

– Albert Einstein

Other Services We Offer

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