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Wi-Fi Deployment


Wireless Installation

A robust Wi-Fi network is no longer a nice-to-have; it is essential in modern-day business. There is an ever-increasing influx of smart devices, BYOD (Bring You Own Device), IoT (Internet of Things) integrations, and expectations for guest Wi-Fi. We have the expertise to survey, design, and tailor a solution that gets your business running at full strength.

  • Industry-leading Hardware

    We work with best in business, giving you full Wi-Fi coverage in required locations with best performance.

  • Detailed Surveys

    Full site surveys will be provided to you, completed by us, ensuring the best solution is discussed with you for your requirements.

  • Budget Awareness

    We understand the importance of finance and will provide multiple options with a clear understanding and a clear breakdown of costs.


Wi-Fi for my business

Businesses are increasingly embracing the digital workplace as part of their transformation. BYOD has been a significant factor, but there is more to it than ever. Employees and customers expect connectivity to be provided across multiple devices, regardless of time or place.

Designing, implementing, managing and supporting wireless workplaces can cost far less to purchase, deploy and run with the correct solutions. Wireless systems must provide reliable and quality service with secure access for corporate users and guests.

We deliver business-grade wireless solutions that are uniquely designed for your business.

Always Connected

Our Wi-Fi Approach

  • Your Wi-Fi

    We will help you understand your existing wireless landscape – where your coverage is good enough, where there are dips in the signal strength that might cause dropouts, whether your workplace has structural interference, and whether other Wi-Fi signals are impacting your network performance.

    Knowing what goes on in your wireless airspace is the first step to improving your Wi-Fi provision. Our surveys have helped customers identify issues like channel clashes and poor workplace practices like mobile hotspots so that they could make better-informed decisions about future deployments.

  • Rogue-lite

    In keeping with our ‘secure by default’ approach, we look to integrate wireless communications with existing secured infrastructure. Rogue networks and Wi-Fi scanning are standard penetration methods for cybercriminals; a well-designed deployment can heavily mitigate the likelihood of breaches.

    We use network separation to keep wireless traffic accessing only the intended areas and supply SSID scheduler profiles so that your wireless-only publishes when you need it.

    We have experience deploying multiple big-name vendors, like Cisco, Meraki and UniFi, with proven track records in the field. This allows us to find hardware that fits your budget without compromising security.

  • Your Way

    Expanding your existing Wi-Fi network will depend on several factors, such as your existing hardware and infrastructure, coverage level, and the redundancy you desire. Our approach to wireless design revolved around delivering the right solution for you, a system that will function reliably and be practical in your operational environment.

    Our design process begins with our objective assessment of the landscape, taking industry best practice approaches and estimates. The design is a living document we will adapt and refine to align with your working practices, budget, and plans for future expansion. Once the design is agreed upon, we move on to the installation and deployment side.

  • Fix Only

    After your installation, we’re still there with post-installation surveys to show you the difference in the landscape and ensure you have a refreshed and updated view of your wireless airspace.

    You may not be looking for an entirely new deployment, instead of hoping to leverage your existing equipment for better coverage or to troubleshoot problems you have been experiencing. Our engineers can assess the situation and advise you, such as revising channel allocations, placement of antennas, and appropriate power settings to help balance our coverage.

    After that, if you need further assistance in implementing our recommendations, we prefer to build long-term relationships with ongoing contracts but can discuss one-off pieces to suit.

Very impressed with the level of service, Chris was very helpful with my endless questions and support needs. Thank you for your patience!
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